Chippawa Recreation & Outdoor Activities

The activities and recreational opportunities at Chippawa and the Madawaska Valley are endless:  Watersports include boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, beach swimming, kids playground fun, kids summer programs.  Trails abound for hiking, biking and ATV rides. See Beach and watersports, Chippawa Trails and ActivitiesKids Fun ActivitiesWildlife ViewingRest Tranquility and Relaxation

Beach and watersports

Beach fun at Chippawa Rope Swing at chippawa
Paddling at Chippawa Kayaking at Chippawa
Explore by KayakSailing at Chippawa
Kids Fishing fun Canoe at Chippawa

Chippawa Trails and Activities

Riding ATV Casual Nature Trail Walks
ATV Fall Colours Trail Biking
Kids Hikes on the Trails Pick Raspberries on the Trails

Kids Fun Activities

Kids Hikes on the Trails Pick-up games
Big Kids FishingPlayground Fun
Kids camp programs Apres-Beach time

Wildlife Viewing

Great Blue Heron Mr. Bull Frog Joe's Pond
Moose Algonquin Park Butterfly

Rest Tranquility and Relaxation

Rest Tranquility and Relaxation Rest Tranquility and Relaxation
Rest Tranquility and RelaxationRest Tranquility and Relaxation



Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle Touring Motorcycle Touring
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