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Pest Control

  • Ways to Deal with Wildlife Problems at Home

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    If you live side by side with animals, you have to understand that you are not the only one who is at risk. As a matter of fact, as a human who has been gifted with conscience by evolution, and you are responsible for the sustainability of your environment. All animals have their unique roles in the ecosystem. You must not think of getting rid of the wildlife in your area.

    Here, we provide eco-friendly solutions for your wildlife problems. We believe that humans and animals can coexist in harmony.

    Manage Your Waste Properly

    organic food wasteAnimals invade your space primarily because they see food there. Keep your waste sealed correctly in the waste container. Also, keep in note that you must separate the organic from non-organic scraps. If there is no organic waste compost service in your area, you can do the task by yourself. Here is a list of the best-selling organic waste containers that serve as composters too: Yimby Tumbler Composter, Envirocycle Tumbler Bin, SCD Probiotics All Season Indoor Composter Kit, and Erica Stainless Steel Compost Bin.

    Save the Contacts of Local Animal Controls

    a wandering bearYou must acknowledge that fact that not all animal control companies employ eco-friendly methods. Below are the steps to find the right service for you:

      1. Browse Through the Internet
        Companies that have established their reputation online will do their best to maintain it. They will be less likely to provide you with an improper service.
      2. Check the Company on Reviewer Sites
        Almost all service companies these days leave online track records written by either the companies themselves or their clients. These are the examples of the popular reviewer sites: Glassdoor, Reviews, Ultra Safe Pest, Capitol Pest, and Best Company.
      3. Make a Call to Speak with the Representative in Person
        By speaking with the company’s representative in person, you will learn whether or not they respect your request and inquiries, especially regarding your intent to preserve nature.

    If you live in Tampa Bay, Phoenix Pest Control is the best example of a company that passes all of the screening steps above. You can click here if you want to know more about the company. They also include their clients’ testimonials on their sites for your reference.

    Attend Wildlife a Rescue and Rehabilitation Course

    a snake in a basketSnakes, bears, and wolves often scare people, and they choose to kill them on sight instead of handling them the animal-friendly way. However, this suggestion does not mean that you should get too close with a wild animal without any training because it can be fatal.

    Therefore, you have to check if there are any courses on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. If you live in an area with high rates of wildlife encounters, your local authority should have offered such a course.…

  • Top Tips for Finding a Pest Control Service

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    Most of us as renters, landlords, and homeowners control household pests through a wide range of preventive measures such as proper sanitation, and maintenance practices. Some pest infestations can be quite extensive or even difficult to control. In such cases, you need the services of a professional pest control provider.

    extermination servicesYou should choose a pest control company just the way you select other services. It is advisable to look for value and quality. Also, competency and costs are important. When choosing the right pest control service, cost ought to be the only factor that determines the contractor you pick. Ensure the company you choose is competent. Remember that if pesticides are not used correctly, both property and health can be damaged. Therefore, you should consider the following factors when choosing the right pest control company.


    When most people discover a particular pest problem, they want the issue eliminated as quickly as possible. However, some problems can last a few days. Thus, you have adequate time to choose the best exterminator. It is advisable to obtain estimates from a wide range of companies. Nowadays, most companies provide free estimates.


    It is advisable to contact organizations like Better Business Bureau or EPA to check whether the complaints have been filed against a given company or its applicators. A good company should provide you with a list of references. You should check whether the technicians performing the services are licensed, certified pesticide applicators.


    It is a good idea to ask friends, co-workers, neighbors, colleagues, and family members for recommendations. You should avoid relying on advertisements for information about the contractor’s reputation. Instead, you should contact the relevant pesticide regulatory office for adequate information about recent complaints, unresolved issues, and violations.


    pest control servicesDoes the company offer its estimates in writing? Ensure you get estimates from multiple companies. This is necessary to help you compare their services and rates. Some companies try to bind customers to long-term contracts. In such a case, you should analyze the long-term costs. Does the company provide you with a guarantee for the work they do? What does do they offer?

    Customer Service

    You should find out whether employees listen to your issues and address them with respect and care. The technicians that visit your premises should have adequate knowledge about pest control. Thus, they should answer related questions.…